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Mike Pocock has been a long time hustler in the SA music industry and has had a hand in many aspects of the business. On stage he has been rocking it out as the bassist for State Society and is jumping head first into a new avenue: M-PLODE

Q: We know you as bassist of State Society - quite a shift from rock ‘n roll to DJ’ing - how did this transition and new act come about?

A: M-Plode was also going at the time of State Society, but on a very limited scale. When the opportunity came up for a gig when State Society wasn't performing, I would take it. The idea of M-Plode stemmed from a party a friend of mine, Jared Gunston, and I planned at Zeplins Rock Shack where we wanted the nu-metal and 'high school' tracks from the early noughties to be heard, which wasn't done much. From there, the response was great and it kinda just kept going. I have used to perform at Arcade Empire and Zeplins on a regular basis and also jammed at Asking Alexandria and Lamb Of God when they were in South Africa so Halloween is a dream come true to add to the list.

Q: What is the vibe and flavour of M-Plode?

A: Heavy yet refreshing. I want everyone to remember the great tunes that were big back in the day as well as mix some of the new flavours in there. My favourite thing is spinning a local heavy track and people go mental. Anything from Pestroy, The Narrow to Newtown Knife Gang and Facing the Gallows always gets the crowd going. I am a huge local band supporter so will always sneak one in when the time is right.

Q: What can festival goers of Halloween 2018 expect from your set?

A: They best put seatbelts on their ears 'cos they're going for a joyride (lol). It's hard to predict what the audience will enjoy at first, but once you read the crowd and get some idea of what will keep their feet moving and heads banging, we can go all night. Expect some of the latest tracks mixed with some of your favourite tunes from yesteryear plus some local mixed up in there.

Q: Who are you especially excited about seeing perform at Halloween 2018?

A: With a line up like that, there are too many to be excited about, but I SEE STARS is a definite. Deamhorth are one of my favourite new acts on the scene this year so everybody must catch them. Deadline and Boargazm are always a treat as well as Newtown Knife Gang. My advice is for everyone to get there early and rock out to everyone!

Q: What is the ultimate Halloween costume?

A:That's a tough one, but I have always wanted to attend a Halloween party as a Tetris block (The T or square). Maybe this will be the year...

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