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Friday, 23 November 2018 sees the release of a brand-new single by THE KIFFNESS, ft. AMI FAKU entitled LOSE YOU.

Dave Scott and Raiven Hansmann wrote LOSE YOU last year while they were performing a rooftop DJ set in Cape Town. They were playing ‘Time’ by the Pachanga Boys while the sun was setting and Raiven was playing a beautiful sax line on top of the song. The music sounded amazing and Dave recorded Raiven’s melody on his phone.

He went back into the studio to recreate something similar. Not long after that, Benza from Vth Season told Dave about Ami Faku, a new talent he was working with. When Dave heard the demo of her voice with the song, the collaboration seemed to work perfectly.

“I would describe LOSE YOU as a song written by a crazy, naïve girl who had her heart-broken by her first love, who was never even hers in the first place. You see, I have spent a fair share of my life worrying about boys who shouldn't matter and obsessing over mediocre love; that's what this song is about,” says Ami.

Featuring the signature, The Kiffness dance groove combined with a nostalgic feeling of summertime sadness, LOSE YOU has universal appeal and will connect mostly with people who are in new relationships and who are going through the fear of losing that person.

“This song is for anyone who has not been loved the way they deserved and was so caught up in the mess that they weren't able to see the truth.”

Buy / Stream LOSE YOU ft. Ami Faku here:

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