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ASTON WYLIE is starting 2019 off with the release of a brand new single, entitled BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL. The single comes after the release of his previous offering, ‘Howling’ in 2018.

The single was written in 2018 when ASTON saw an inspirational image of a heartbeat line going up and down portraying the message of ‘Life is full of ups and downs, they are necessary to be alive’. He found the sentiment of the image comforting, knowing that everyone goes through good and bad times.

“It made me feel positive, so I wanted to write something that could maybe make someone feel hopeful even when they are feeling down.”

BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL was recorded at Lightstain Studios in October 2018 with producers Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg and Dolph Willemse. An emotive, raw, current and uplifting offering, the song speaks about a person who finds himself in a hole, lonely and essentially broken. It conveys the message that no matter how broken you feel, you will always be beautiful.

Constantly developing and changing as a songwriter and performer, ASTON has pushed himself creatively with his new recordings. It’s also the first time for him working with producers for his music, resulting in the best production of his work. This song is the first taste of the new direction his music is taking this year, with future releases as well as his live performances.

“I hope that everyone can identify with this song; whether you're the person who feels alone and needs that extra bit of positive reinforcement to reach out OR the person on the other side, who can listen, support and show compassion and understanding to a person in need.”

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