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As 2018 draws to an end everyone is looking forward to the holidays and their well-deserved break, but nobody more than SA’s own Ambassador of Good Times, JACK PAROW.

With his new music video Parow hopes to bring some humour to these last two months of 2018, but he also wants to remind everyone to raak wys about the dangers of the party season.

Just like many South Africans, Parow enjoys our lekker warm weather, beautiful ladies teasing summer in skimpy clothing, hanging out with friends and family until the birds begin to chirp… ag you know, just having the best of times.

But with these good times, just as others who enjoy the same sport knows, he has to deal with the next morning and that awfully dreaded hangover, wingerdgriep, droogies, koppyn or as Parow calls it BANG BABBELAS!

''Bang Babbelas is that feeling when you wake up and you are on the verge of a panic attack. When you hear a loud sound you bek*k yourself, when you hear Mariah Carey on the radio you start crying, when your phone rings your heart skips a beat, and so on. My friends and I coined that phrase a while ago and when one of them tell me they are Bang Babbelas, I know that the only cure is to buy them a puppy,'' says Jack Parow.

About a year ago Parow penned his morning-after-the-jol feelings and it ended up on his latest album, Afrika 4 Beginners as “Bang Babbelas”.   This song became an instant favourite on the album.

The Star described it as “Bang Babbelas is a must for anyone who’s ever drunk too much. Hungover or sober it’s difficult not to laugh out loud at either the rhymes or the essential lived truth behind them.”

And now there is a video for it. And as all things Parow go, there is nothing standard about this video. 

Filmed in one continuous shot by Jaco S. Venter (Fokofpolisiekar / AKING), it shows Parow… well, watch the video here:

Jack Parow ends this news with a Parow Service Announcement:

Like myself, most people are a bit vrot after a busy year, so I hope this song and video makes the last stretch less intense and a bit more of a vibe. But guys, seriously… if you are going to party, don’t be a d**s and rather get your ouma to drive you around if you decide to suip.”

Come Party with Parow

Date: 27 October 2018

Venue:  Crown Bar - 445 Main Street, Paarl

Performance time: 22h00

Tickets: R80 at the venue

Jägermeister Presents Jack Parow on Tour

Date: 2 November 2018

Venue: Presley’s Nightclub, Boksburg

Address: Gibb Road, Johannesburg

Performance: 21h00

Ticket price: R100 Cash Bar, R200 Free Bar- available at the door

Date: 3 November 2018 

Venue: Presley’s Nightclub

Address: Ernie’s Place, Pretoria

Performance:  21h00

Ticket price: R100 Cash Bar, R200 Free Bar - available at the door

Date: 16 November 2018 

Venue: Brian’s Grill

Address: 44 Baron Van Rheede Street, Oudtshoorn

Performance: 21h00

Ticket price: R100 @ the door

Date: 17 November 2018 

Venue: Shenanigans Irish Pub

Address: 62 York Street, George Central, George

Performance: 22h00

Ticket price: R100 @ the door

Date: 30 November 2018 

Venue: Semi Soet - 1262 Embankment Road, Centurion

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