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Friday, 23 November 2018 sees the release of a brand new single and video by CRASHCARBURN, entitled OUT OF CONTROL. The single is from their latest album, Headlights, released earlier in 2018.

OUT OF CONTROL was written circa 2017 and is about being young and dreaming big, before all the rules, commitments and responsibilities of adulthood weighs you down. There is a freedom that comes with letting go and being ‘out of control’.

A synthy anthem with a strong 80s vibe and catchy hooks, the new single has been a crowd favourite since day one.

“Anyone who is currently a teenager, or who has been through their teens, would be able to relate to this song! So, suitable for ages 12 – 123. Anyone outside of that bracket will really struggle to relate I think.” - Garth Barnes.

The video for OUT OF CONTROL was shot and directed by Brendan Bugsy Barnes in August this year. The goal was to create a video that felt congruous with the 80s synth sound of the track. The band referenced a bunch of 80s imagery to come up with a simple but striking take on a performance video.

While the track reminisces about fond memories from the past, the visuals for the video create a similar tone by referencing a notably 80s colour palette and design.

“The song sounds like it's from the 80s and the video looks like it's from the 80s because it was made by kids who were born in the 80s.”

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