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Friday, 19 October 2018 sees the official release of CRAIG LUCAS’ brand new music video for his latest single, HEARTS EXPOSED. The single reached #1 on the 5FM Top 10 Pop Chart, #1 on the KFM Top 40, #4 on the AlgoaFM Top 30 and #1 on the GoodHopeFM Top 30.

The video was shot by Josh Adams in September 2018 in an abandoned forest and on the cliffs of a beach in CapeTown. Conceptualized by CRAIG himself, he wanted the video to be a reflection or continuation of the open letter he wrote via social media in September.

“I needed the video to be exciting whilst still carrying a heartfelt message, sort of like the song itself does.” With cast comprising of CRAIG himself and actor Anzio September, the video for HEARTS EXPOSED is about allowing yourself to love and chasing freedom whilst letting go of things that have been holding you down, so you can move forward. It’s about appreciating all that is beautiful within and around us and not taking that for granted. The song speaks about letting go of ego and pride among other things and allowing yourself to be vulnerable whilst fighting to find love again. The video perfectly encapsulates that message. Fans can look forward to a beautifully shot video with a heartfelt message combined with a strong story line of self-love and acceptance.

“I am very proud of this video. It is one of the first local videos with the main cast being in a same-sex relation- ship. I am proud of the message in the video and know that watching it will make a lot of people feel really good and even hopefully inspire someone to go after whatever it is they want with no fear.”

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