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Today sees the release of a brand new visual masterpiece by the conscious-electro-rap trio, Bittereinder. Jaco, Peach, and Louis have done what they do best once more with a remarkable video to accompany their latest single, ASEMROWERS. Life and its many demands have kept the band pretty busy of late, but when they release a new track or video, they make sure that it’s worth the wait…

"Breath. We don’t think about it often, but when we do it changes everything. There are things out there that want to steal your breath. Even more thrilling than that: there are things in here which want to rob you of your breath. The breath-takers know where you live, in every season of your life they come to stroke your consciousness and remind you of what it is to be alive."

From day one a decade ago, the three Bittereinder boys have consistently built a body of work that places equal emphasis on the lyrics, the music, and the visual elements of being a 21st century audio-visual project. The ASEMROWERS music video, shot and cut by Louis Minnaar, is a culmination and celebration of a decade of making art together, and really seems to bring together all of the things that have made Bittereinder one of the most established and critically acclaimed bands in the South African alternative music scene over the last ten years. Louis, who has been crowned many times as one of South Africa’s greatest living makers of music video, has whipped out the full moving image arsenal on this one: the compositing of live action and 3D animated elements has built a world that is so suited to the music that it now almost seems as if one does not really exist without the other.

See BITTEREINDER live in 2018:

Hartenbos Studentejol

Date: 3 Dec

Venue: Skoffelskuur, Hartenbos

Address: Majuba Avenue, Hartenbos

Ticket Price: R1300-R2500

Ticket Link:

Klein Kariba Studentejol

Date: 5 Dec

Venue: Klein Kariba, Bela Bela

Adress: R101, Bela-Bela, 0480

Ticket Price: R1300-R1800

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