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Native Young has teamed up with Black Motion and today releases the remix of the single ‘Erase’ across all digital platforms.

Listen to ‘Native Young – Erase (Black Motion Remix)’ here. 'Erase' - an emotional single about letting go of past love – is a powerful release from Native Young. The release of the single includes an uplifting house remix by DJ duo Black Motion, the original version of the track, along with a heart-breaking acoustic version of the song - a strong statement for a dynamic project that's ready to be shown to the world. Music is that ephemeral expression that seems to connect us all and it’s this sentiment that boldly shines in the raw and colourful tale of Native Young.

Yannick Wilde, the creator behind Native Young, comments on the song, saying “‘Erase’ is a song of lament and yearning. It’s about letting go of a past lover but simultaneously wishing to go back to the beginning and experience the love all over again.” 

Teaming up with Black Motion for the remix of the single, was a genius move on Wilde’s part. The song could not have asked for a better team to compliment Native Young’s sound. “I wanted to work with Black Motion for some time and really couldn’t envision any better SA remixers to add such a unique kasi flavour to this track,” comments Wilde. 

Black Motion were equally excited to work with Native Young. “Native Young’s story isn’t far off from that of ours, in the sense that he also started developing his craft in a bedroom studio. Therefore, when Yannick approached us to do a remix of his single ‘Erase’, the relationship fitted like a glove and was an easy collaboration indeed. We also want to highlight that having extended our craft by incorporating some of the beautiful elements and feel from J.Logic gave this record a different life. This is indeed one of the best collaborations we’ve had locally, in a sense that we fused Alternative genre with Afro Beats, thus showing the world through music we can achieve a lot. We really appreciate Native Young for having reached out to us to work on this piece and hope that the masses enjoy the Erase remix. In our sign off - ke meropa le merethetho (Drums & Rhythm).”

When asked how he would describe Native Young - South African producer and frontman of the project, Yannick Wilde says, “It’s a constantly evolving tapestry of culture, emotion and melody”.Beginning as a home recording experiment for Yannick in 2015 - the live Native Young collective now hosts a menagerie of rotating talent in Africa and Europe. His music itself is focused on emotional storytelling, raw African rhythm and the fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments - a combination which has carved out a space that's completely his own in the musical landscape both locally and abroad for this young independent artist.

“Native Young – Erase (Black Motion Remix)” is out now across all digital platforms:

Catch Native Young Live at Café Roux in Cape Town on Friday, 1 February. All info can be foundhere and tickets available from Webtickets.

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