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The Lyzyrd Kyngs are back with their second full-length album. The album comes after the release of their first single, Ghosts of Berlin, in October.

The Lyzyrd Kyngs consists of the renowned rock group Akkedis and the legendary Piet Botha. This collective brings fans a unique sound influenced by their blues rock roots, infused with elements of traditional maskanda music.

“The album is filled with very personal stories and adventures that we as a band have had the privilege to experience over the last few years. It’s very personal and that translates so well with our audiences.”

Photo by Rudi Dennis

Many tracks from A Few Grains of Sand were inspired by the band’s recent travels to Germany as well as the countless miles they have put under their belt traveling around South Africa. They are releasing 8 brand new tracks and re-recorded 3 of their biggest hits.

“We decided to re-record these three tracks as we have never felt any recording has done those songs justice. Peter Pearlson was finally able to capture the essence of those songs.”

The album was recorded and produced by 9-time SAMA award winning producer Peter Pearlson. Peter delivers a quality that is second to none and has taken the music to a level fans have not yet seen.

A Few Grains of Sand Track List:

  • Up in Smoke

  • Ghosts of Berlin

  • Crazy Days

  • The Game

  • Don’t you mess with Johnny

  • Bertie’s Mooring

  • Mama Africa

  • Mutineer

  • Old Big Red

  • Monkey Song

  • Blues for Robert (2014 Recording)

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