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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Instrumental band, KOI, are making their Krank'd Up debut this year. Revved up and ready for action, we wanted to know first hand what to expect from their show.

Q: You’ll be making your debut appearance at Krank’d Up this year. Are you guys excited to showcase your music alongside such a great and diverse array of bands?

A: Absolutely , it’s been a dream of ours to play Krank’d up, now that we are on the bill it’s almost surreal, but we are amped and ready to give it horns!

Q:You guys are currently working on your second album. Has the writing and recording process been any different from your first release?

A:Yes, the first album sort of feel into our hands by a fortunate accident as it came together over a couple years of jam sessions that ultimately culminated as our debut album, this time around we are more focused and determined to step up our game both technically and creatively, hopefully forging a more refined sound that is KOI.

Q:Being an instrumental band, do you guys aim to portray a specific message or feeling with you music despite the absence of a narrative element?

A: Definitely, although we try not dictate a certain message or feeling and would rather leave it up to the listeners individual interpretation, however our melodies and soundscapes do portray the joys, successes and trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Q: What can people expect to see from your set at Krank’d Up? A mixture of both old and new music?

A: It will have a bit of both but as we are so amped to share our new material, we are focusing on bringing a fresh sound to both new and loyal fans.

Q:What are some of the other bands you are looking forward to see at Krank’d Up this year?

A: We are honestly so grateful to be on such a wicked line up of the best local acts and truly amazing internationals, it’s what Krank’d Up has built its reputation on, if we had to mention a few, you will definitely catch us up front and centre for Deity’s Muse, Facing the gallows and Ruff Majik.

Krank'd Up Music Festival

Date: 29 September 2018

Venue: Sundowners, Alberton

Now entering its 7th year, South Africa’s foremost alternative, rock and metal Festival Krank’d Up 2018 takes place on the 29th September at Sundowners in Alberton, Johannesburg. This year sees UK tech-metal pioneers Sikth and US metalcore titans Miss May I headlining, along with the very best the South African music scene has to offer. Krank’d Up has fast become the highlight on the calendar for local bands and music fans alike. It was voted one of the 10 festivals you need to attend by Metal Hammer magazine recently with past headliners including the likes of 36 Crazyfists, Protest the Hero, Unearth and Norma Jean to name a few.

Wayne Boucher, Talent Buyer for Turning Tricks Entertainment - the masterminds behind Krank’d Up comments, “To say that I'm excited about this year's Krank'd Up would likely be the understatement of the year. With each instalment of the festival we try up the ante, and this year is no exception. We have the extremely powerful live show of Miss May I to look forward to and I know I'll battle to contain myself when SikTh hit the stage as they've influenced so many prog-metal bands we've dealt with over the years. I'm especially proud of our local line-up which boasts 13 Krank'd Up debuts for this year's edition.”

This year’s full line up is Miss May I / Sikth / Deity’s Muse / Facing the Gallows / Southern Wild / Truth and its Burden / Only Forever / Dirty Moonshine / L.A Cobra / Bleeding Spawn / Riddlebreak / Ruff Majik / All We’ve Known / Penny Vagrant / Treehouse Burning / KOI / Slippery When Wet / Zephyr Heirs / Last One Alive / Nerve Zero / Defy Theory

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