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KARMA is one of a new breed of artists emerging from the urban jungles of post Mandela South Africa. Bold, edgy, elegant and integrated, KARMA`s musical melting pot takes in such diverse influences as urban pop, electronica and trap-step, creating a unique and striking tapestry that mirrors her life experience.  

IMAGE is a song that is very close to KARMA’s heart. It’s a song that relates to a specific heartbreak in her life, and not being able to get someone out of your head or heart, even when they have lied and damaged to you. It all boils down to the heart wanting what it wants. As much as she liked the original version of IMAGE, she always felt there was more to the song. That it needed to be edgier and heavier to reflect her edgier parts of herself, and the heaviness of the song. Marc Ronin and JungleGum encapsulated this vision perfectly, and truly made this song what KARMA really wanted it to be. They really have managed to uplift the song completely. 

KARMA is always taking her music in new directions, and experimenting with different genres. She is set to release 2 new singles early next year, and this remix bridges the gap perfectly between the different transitions. It also comes at a perfect time for summer and festival season.

Trend bucking, intoxicating and addictive, IMAGE announces the arrival of a new kind of artist; one who doesn’t play by the rules of the industry and is determined to forge her own artistic path.

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