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Griet & RAM are joining forces to rip the 012 a new one this Halloween with a killer line-up ready to rattle your bones! One of these hard hitting acts is the System Of A Down Tribute act that has set some stages ablaze with their killer show. Here is a quick read aboutwhat is coming your way this Halloween.

Q: A tribute project is always a big risk but you guys have seemed to pull it off quite successfully many times! But don’t you think tribute acts are taking over a bit in the live scene? It seems to me that people seem more likely to pay for a tribute act and know what they will get, than take a chance on an unknown band?

A: I think what sets us apart is that we don't fall into the usual trap of overdone classic rock tributes. System of a Down is rather more modern in a sense and a band that very much resonates to a younger audience, but it is a band that has really taken hold in many people's hearts, although you don't realise it until you hear those songs again. The reason people would rather see a project like this, although it sometimes might seem unfair, is because the music has already been marketed on a completely different level of popularity, it is way more universal than an unknown band, people already know the songs and lyrics, and the groundwork has already been laid out so to speak.

Q: Serj Tankian has some pretty impressive and unique vocal stylings. Did your vocalist have to do any extra prep or learn new techniques to get on top of it?

A: We're really lucky with Rico, he is jazz trained and an exceptional vocalist, he never stops preparing, refining, and working on his techniques. We're very fortunate to be working with him, and he really does pull off the Serj tone quite well.

Q: Every fan has their firm favorite song for various reasons, but what is your favorite song to perform and which songs have you seen the audience respond to the best?

A: My personal favorite is I-E-A-I-A-I-O, but, people seem to respond very well to the hits obviously. The great "sing-along" ones like Lonely Day, Chop Suey!, Ariels, Hypnotise and Violent Pornography immediately come to mind.

Q: You are performing at the RAM & GRIET  Pretoria Halloween show and the lineup is pretty epic to say the least. If you had to create a tribute act to any of the other performers on the line-up who would it be?

A: Boargazm, but we'll call it Horsegazm, and wear horse masks.

Q: The best part of Halloween is the dress up. Will you guys be dressing up as your musical counterparts or surprising the crowd with something more outrageous?

A: Outrageous for sure. It's always tough picking an incredibly creative outfit. On the one hand it is Halloween so you want to go for spooky/monster/horror but the occasion has also evolved into a more casual dress-up party, so humorous outfits is where it's at for me. If you can look at an outfit, get the joke and have a laugh, then it's always a winner.

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