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Festival after festival I find myself observing all the debauchery through a 11x17 viewfinder and all to often you miss out on much of the fun. When the second Mozambique festival of my year rolled around I knew I was going to put down my camera and simply play the part of “average festival goer”.

6 am on the first morning that plan flew out the window. Before I knew it we where in the water shooting some amazing stuff for a yet undisclosed project . But when the sea finally washed Kobus and me ashore we where delighted to find our friends waiting with beer in hand to entertain us with some off the cuff tunes. Soil 7T7’s front man Franco and drummer Bertus, along with Conrad Jamneck (Fake Leather Blues Band) serenaded us as the sun came up over the Indian Ocean on the most beautiful beach at Ponta Malongane. The Go Pro in my hand suddenly came to life and before I knew it I was yet again documenting the event. There and then I decided to put my iPhone to work and capture some candid moments throughout the weekend so share with all the unfortunate souls that could not make the trek up the coast.

Later we were joined by Fuzigish basist, Malcolm King, in a little campfire sing along.

You shouldn't think that once the shows stop we let the party stop. We where treated by some chillingly beautiful music by our friends from Akkedis, Piet Botha, Kobus de Kock, Willim Welsyn and Albert Meintjies. Here is a little video of Rudi from Akkedis treating us to a cover of "Coming in from Los Angeles".

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