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Metro The Animal is an electronicpop trio from Cape Town, South Africa. The group is composed of singers, Leandi and Lelani van den Berg, and producer and drummer, Werner von Waltsleben (Kilø Kami). MTA introduces their debut single “We Are Golden”, available on all online retailers. The music video, which promises a wow factor, is now live on YouTube.

MTA has been a project the trio have wanted to start for a while, but it only came to life when the group met up with producer and engineer Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw, who took on the project of co-producing the trio’s first single and those to follow. Combining the singer/songwriter background of the vocal duo and the production of Werner, the sound of MTA was created.

“We Are Golden” is an anthem for those getting lost in the new norm of today and the need to reconnect. It`s a reminder that there is purpose and to not fade into the hustle.

They teamed up with engineer Brendyn “Rusti” Rossouw as co-producer and he says: “I’m so proud of how this single turned out. From the original demo version, we wrote and crafted sections until it landed in the sweet spot and treated the production in the same way. ‘We Are Golden’ is a solid launch for this extremely talented trio!”

Coinciding with the track, Metro The Animal released a music video produced by SAMA-nominated director Quinton Lavery from Passing Trains. Quinton says it’s a collaboration that resulted in a unique piece of visual content. “The video follows a clean and modern aesthetic, making use of jewellery and props, while having the band members obscured through various poses and objects. The video really took shape in the post-production phase, with a total of 148 visual effect shots, mostly through set extensions to give us the scope and image we wanted. Something you won’t often find in locally produced music videos.”

Listen to the track here

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