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WONDERboom have released their brand new single ‘Great Escape’, the first new material to be released since their 8th studio album ‘The Automatic Shuffle’ back in 2011.

“’Great Escape’ is about escaping evil with the one you love and the adventure in solidarity. A classic sci-fi fairy tale of ‘us vs them’,” explains frontman, Cito.

The single is the first from their forthcoming and 9th studio album, which has not been titled yet. The album was originally in the works back in 2013, but the passing of drummer Garth Mcleod that same year was a massive shock to the band, fans and the music industry as a whole. 3 years later, WONDERboom are back with an incredible single and working on completing their new album which is due for release in October.

Cito further explains, “Every time we work on a new album, we approach the recording process differently. This time around, we made our first demos, work shopped the new songs in the rehearsal space and then tried them out live to get the best feel before deciding on arrangements. We want to really capture our live essence in our new music. Although we’re having fun with production in studio, the songs must be able to be performed without the dependency of production. In other words, these songs must stand on their own legs and be strong – electrically or acoustically. We’ve also really been having fun, exploring new ideas in the way we play our instruments and write songs. We want this new album to represent us as a band. This is also the first studio album with Jonathan Bell (who replaced Garth McLeod in 2013) behind the drums.”

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry, WONDERboom are one of South Africa’s longest standing Rock bands and boast an impressive catalogue of songs which include the hits ‘Never Ever’, ‘Something Wrong’, ‘Jafta Rebel’, along with their legendary rendition of èVoid’s hit ‘Shadows’.

Watch the live performance of ‘Shadows’ filmed as part of WONDERboom’s Santana Sessions:

‘Great Escape’ is an incredible return from a band who continues to cement their legendry place in an industry where artists come and go over night.

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