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Updated: Oct 17, 2018

WONDERboom has pretty much always been around. 21 years is a long time. Through ever-changing tides in the music industry, they have stuck around, evolved and kept up with the emergence of many new bands. And after an album drought of seven years, they are back with a new release, entitled Rising Sun.

The release of Rising Sun was recently celebrated at The Good Luck Bar, before the four-piece are set to embark on a national tour in the next couple of weeks. The famous venue boasts with only the greatest of the great gracing the stage and it was thus fitting that WONDERboom decided on this spot to release their new album.

The evening was a showcase of note! The stage never looked so beautiful, as the band teamed up with AV Unlimited for big-scale lighting. The production value shot up and along with a top musical performance, WONDERboom set a new benchmark for bands to hit this particular stage in future. Cito, Martin, Wade and Jonathan were clearly keen on reminding die-hard fans why they are still one of SA’s greatest. They know how to put up a real show in all its aspects.

It’s been a while since I witnessed such a powerhouse set from a local band. WONDERboom simply has the x-factor and puts heart and soul into every track they perform. They introduced new tracks to an eager audience (especially the current singles “The Great Escape” and “Ooh La La” enjoyed great traction), along with golden oldies, such as “Charlie”, “Africa”, “On The Radio”, “It’s Great To Be Alive” and “Karaoke Bar”. A very special moment was when the band moved to the edge of the stage, sitting in a row to perform a selection of songs acoustically, including “Never Ever Ever Ever” and “Something Wrong”. It was a great contrast to the rest of their energetic set and just boasted again to the fact that they are versatile and amazing on every level.

The legendary Paul E Flynn (Sugardrive frontman) and rising star, Bianca Blanc, performed solo sets, as well as joined WONDERboom on stage for a few collab moments.

One thing’s for sure: WONDERboom is back with a new fiery attitude and great new songs! Get hold of Rising Sun and decide for yourself:

Photos by Stanley June

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