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“Seamlessly blending intriguing styles and influences, this video for ‘Mina’ is a varied and visually delicious smorgasbord exploring the innocence of a child’s imagination alongside other-worldly wonders. The universal tribalism, combined with the insistent rhythmic hooks and the poppy undertones, rivet the listener and the viewer to this latest offering from The Steezies; a playful, intuitive invitation…” - Malcolm Burger, Peermusic There is a universe that exists beyond ours. It is outside of what you can hear, feel, taste, see, touch, or rationalise with your senses. It is unknown to the reach of your logical mind. One fateful day two young girls were innocently playing in a park when their imaginations collided and they stumbled into this foreign realm. The world they had grown so familiar with was utterly transformed. And leading them through this journey of imagination were their spirit animals: The Steezies. A band conjured in the fire of eccentric creativity and playful anarchy.

‘Mina’ is a soundtrack to the attack of all that is “normal”. It is a song that celebrates individuality and condemns homogeneity. Its music video is an all out exploration of this in visual form. The Steezies are here to be playful, and their playground is an affront to the banal, the ordinary, and the commonplace. The‘Mina’ music video has announced their arrival and set the tone for all that is still to come.

The creation of ‘Mina’ was facilitated by GKC, a content creation agency based in Cape Town. Click here to read more about it.


The Steezies are a product of South Africa's multicultural musical paradigm. Their songs have been forged in the melting pot of a country that does not have a single consolidated culture, but rather exists as a chimera of various histories, traditions, and practices. This is why a Steezies show will boast isiZulu hip hop; South African style guitar alongside funk melodies; and European trumpet lines within Afro song structures. In the same way that it is difficult to define South Africa as a single country with certainty, it is difficult to pigeonhole The Steezies music into a single genre. The result is a full force energy train of music. Rather than defining their music according to a category, it is perhaps easier to understand it as an attitude.

The Steezies consists of George Kirkinis (vocals and guitar), Katie Beard (percussion and vocals), Mark Davis (bass), Bilal Ezzideen (drums), Lauren Davis (percussion), Jono Prest (trumpet), Luke Neville (trombone) and Evan Froud (saxophone).

The Steezies have been rated as one of the top 5 up and coming bands by Between 10 and 5, they were rated as one of the top 10 sets at Rocking the Daisies 2017 byTexx and the City. Their show at Splashy Fen 2018 made it to the front cover of the Sunday Tribune, they were termed South Africa's next big headline act by SA Music Scene, and they have also played romping sets at Up The Creek and River Republic. Their track 'Anxious Nauseous' also made it onto the The Apple Music Indie A-List.

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