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It is a dark day in South African music as yet another drummer splits paths with his musical family. Jason Hinch, much loved and respected drummer for The Black Cat Bones will no longer be manning the kit for the band.

It is with great sadness that I must bid farewell to my fellow band members and brothers, The Black Cat Bones. My time with the band has unfortunately come to an end.

We have decided to go our separate ways amicably, albeit still sadly.

In the last 5 years we have spent a huge amount of time together, on the road and off, playing over 600 shows together. In that time the three other Bones have become like brothers to me. I will forever remember the lessons learnt from such a close relationship and will never forget the time we spent together, doing the thing that we love most.

There were ultimately, unfortunately, just too many issues that we could never see eye to eye on. In hindsight I was pushing too hard.. For us to do more, and be more, and in the end it just made the others unhappy. I am sorry for this.

It has been an honor being a part of the formation of such a powerful band and sharing the stage with some amazing talent. I would also like to sincerely thank our supremely devoted fans for their unending support throughout this whole, incredible, experience.

This is not the end of The Black Cat Bones, just a new chapter.

As my time with the Bones comes to an end I look very much forward to what comes next for me. Devoting my skills to my own/other's projects both current and new..

Thank you all so much.

For everything.

All my best.


Only time will tell how this will affect the band in the long run. The black cat bones made headlines in 2013 when they won the award for Best Live Act, a sheer triumph for the underdog who is forced to make is way without much commercial support. As the clock slowly but sure ticks on fans are also expecting a new album and Jason Hinch pioneered a unique sound for the band with electrifying beats taking inspiration from vastly varying genres.

His massive shoes will be filled by his namesake, Jason Oosthuizen, who recently left super group Van Coke Kartel for greener pastures in the USA.

One can only hope this does not spell the end for what might be South-Africa’s greatest rock ‘n roll act since the 70s.

As the man himself would say: Onward and upward…

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