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Calling for the Crazy is the rock n roll version of a Berocca advert. The Ballistics have perfected a get up and go sound that will have you spinning this disc on repeat for days on end! It’s young, it’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s simply put; CRAZY!

These guys may still be wet behind the ears but their music is a product well beyond their years. They deliver a golden middle-way somewhere between The Ramones and Wolfmother. Strong influences from 70s punk rock combined with a clean sound and edgy vocals. The music never feels forced and overpowering and the result is good clean fun.

This foursome is certainly at the top of my list of favorite finds for 2014. They stripped their name down from “Ballistic Blues” which I now see is one of the most misleading names I have come across. “The Ballistics” now undoubtedly resonates their style of music, fast and catchy.

Often younger bands get lost in over metaphorical lyrics but these guys have opted for honest storytelling that makes their songs memorable. No Harm is one of my top picks from the album. It’s proof that love songs don’t need to be soppy and drag on for ages with extra slow guitar solos and whining. It is track 6 on the album and is perfectly placed to take it down just enough so you can catch your breath for the second half. She’s with Me quickly lifts the mood with a tremendously funny anecdote about the guys that “circle all the clubs”. We all know those idiots and it’s fantastic when someone can successfully take the piss out of them.

They have certainly carved a niche for themselves, as I have not heard anything like this around. They are spot one with current trends but their music allows itself to be timeless.

I can already see this becoming the soundtrack to my summer …

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