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Tailor was once one of the most talked about female artists on the scene and with songs like "Wolf" and "Step Back" she captured a niche market and held on tight to it. Her debut album, "Dark Horse", was just that. A dark and sombre album with power ballads and an outpour of emotion. But life happened and soon Tailor was ready to shed her dark cloud, and move into the light. Enter, "Light". The album was, yet again, capturing a moment in the songstress' life and times and it seemed that things were going well for her. The new look and sound was a far removed from what fans came to know and love but she was able to penetrate a broader more pop driven audience. Not long after that, Tailor admitted all was not sunshine and roses and "Trust Part 1" was released. Another gut wrenchingly beautiful and personal moment in time for the singer.

3 albums, many tears and one move to London later, Anna Wolf is born! And she is the real deal. The "Tailor Becoming Anna Wolf" tour has officially kicked off and fans (old and new) are in for one hell of a treat. Along with her reincarnation has come a new found confidence and energy.

The tour features some of her most popular songs as Tailor including "Why Don't You Love Me" and "1000 Miles" and takes fans on a journey through her career as songwriter and artist. She opens up to fans like never before with stories about her life, taking the audience deep into her delicate creative process. She then dives head first into the Anna Wolf experience and leaves the audience in awe of her new avenue.

Anna his hard hitting. She is unapologetic. She has gusto and power in every drumbeat and breath. Tailor's performance thrived on angst and emotion but Anna feeds off her adoring fans and the tension that builds up between them. When Anna locks eyes with you, she sees your soul. She sees your dreams and fears and regrets. She rips you open and leaves you vulnerable and as soon as you let your guard down, her music swoops in and engulfs every fibre of your being. It makes you tremble.

But the Yin and Yang of Tailor and Anna Wolf is a one of a kind, spellbinding experience. One fans need to see first hand to truly fathom the power this fierce lady has to offer.

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