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The little lady with the big voice has shed her Dark Horse image and is showing off a lighter brighter side to her music.

This album is the embodiment of what a reincarnation is and proof that an artist’s spirit can be reborn with their music. I first fell in love with her when it was all about her voice. Her voice was the star and whatever else you heard on a track was simply the supporting act. The melodies where tender but the emotions where real and powerful. This time around Tailor doesn’t hide the fact that she has found the love of her life, and it is no longer music. The album takes on heavy pop influences and it sometimes borders on 90s club anthems. Think in the line of “must be the reason why I’m king of my castle…

It certainly broadens her audience to a much more lucrative audience, I just had to shed a little tear as I no longer can see her blowing my mind in a shady little pub. I already miss angry heartbroken Tailor. I might someday grow to also fall in love with this version of her but it simply seems that the artist has grown faster than her audience.

I am all for the fact that she had to stay true to herself. She is most definitely a new person and I applaud her for making this bold change. The music reflects where she is in her life and that still makes the music genuine. This already makes it a few steps above average radio hits we hear everyday.

The addition of producer extraordinaire Fabian Sing has brought an undeniable quality to the music. Fabian did an incredible job on the music side and his influence clearly shines through. It just feels that he has made the music “pretty”. Tracks 1-6 feel like dance hits right off the bat. Track 7 slices the album in half with It was just an Experiment which aims to be a haunting spoke word ode to a former lover. Thereafter the rest of the album tries to let a little bit of ‘old’ Tailor shine through with much more toned down tracks. Not necessarily toned down in production, simply in pace.

The last two tracks are bonus for iTunes downloaders. And there she is! Tailor ladies and gentlemen! A girl and her guitar. Odd tribal drums and a little tambourine give you taste of what this album SHOULD have sounded like. She finally lays bare emotion on the table and makes me want to sing along. Just sad it is over so soon…

The album is no doubt a new leaf for the songstress but it might not be completely in line with what fans wanted from her. Yet I am delighted that she can spread her talent to people that might otherwise never have heard it…

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