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STRAB is not simply a festival… It’s a lifestyle!

Every autumn 1000 brave souls make the trek up to the land of rum & raspberry to forget about the world this side of the border and indulge in the best music and the last bit of sun they will see until Oppikoppi.

Year after year the festival grown is popularity but NEVER in size. This gem stays true to its small numbers. The magic of STRAB never rested on the fact that every day in jam-packed with the best line-up or the obvious presence of picturesque beaches. The true spirit of this exotic festival lays amongst all the small moments that pile up to create lasting memories.

It’s the midnight songs around the campfire. It’s the dancing on the back of a bakkie and the sunrise snorkeling. Some of us chose to indulge in rum and raspberry milkshakes or turn a local pub into a karaoke pit stop in a friendly siege. At STRAB everybody is a nobody, or better yet, everybody is a somebody! You leave your ego at the border and kick up sand with the rest of the plain folk.

Have a look for yourself and dare tell me you would rather be anywhere else…

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