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The Stellenbosch Craft Beer Fest (Octoberfest edition) is right around the corner and I had a little chat to some of the brewers, so you know what to fill your glass up with!

The first brewery to come under the micro[brewery]scope is Kings Craft Brew Co. from Cape Town:

Q:First off, tell the readers a bit more about your brewery and the kinds of beers they can expect.

A:Kings Craft Brewing Co. brew in small batches in a Cape Town microbrewery. Aiming to make easy drinking, thirst quenching and enjoyable beers.

LionHeart Lager is a rich, golden craft lager with a bold malt character and smooth, slightly bitter finish.

MadKing Pilsner is a crisp, Bavarian style craft pils with floral hob character and smooth, refreshing finish.

Q:Do you have any signature brews that we must look out for at the festival?

A: Yes, we launched the MadKing in August and is a must try beer.

While LionHeart ah been around a bit longer it has recently won a silver medal at the South African National Beer trophy awards.

Q: Most girls (like me!) are still a bit weary of more bitter beers, do you make something on the lighter side for us too?

A: Both the MadKing and LionHeart are on the lower spectrum of the bitterness scale, giving them both a lighter more refreshing taste than some of the more bitter beers.

Q: In such a crowded industry of micro-breweries, what have you done to ensure you stand out from the rest?

A: We focus on offering high quality beers that can be enjoyed by the majority of beer drinkers.

This along with our classical look and feel that stands out on shelves.

We also aim to offer high quality service to venues at stock our beer and work closely with them to enhance sales.

Q: Can people purchase your beer anywhere else that at the brewery?

A: Yes, we are stocked in numerous bottle stores, restaurants and pubs across the Western Cape.

You can find a listing of these on our Facebook page: Kings Craft Beer.

Q:Are there other breweries at the festival that you would like to try out?

A: We always look to try other local breweries beers, previously we have thoroughly enjoyed Zebonkey and Old Potters brews.

Q: For the true craft fanatics out there, would you suggest they try brewing their own batch at home or should we leave it up to the pros?

A: Definitely, if you have a passion for something it should be pursued.

And who knows where it might lead you.


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