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With only 2 weeks to go before Stellies hosts the ultimate Craft beer festival, I had one last chat to a Paarl based brewery who has been making waves with their exceptional beer and live music events.

Q:First off, tell the readers a bit more about your brewery and the kinds of beers they can expect.

A:We are a small local brewery that only supplies to the Boland, we supply mainly restaurants’ in the area but focus mostly on sales from the brewery.

We have a range of beers that meets everyone’s needs, a Leichtes Weizen, a Helles Lager, Blonde, Pale Ale and a Stout. We have a Weizen Bok which has become a local favorite for those who like a stronger beer.

Q: Do you have any signature brews that we must look out for at the festival?

A: If it is going to be a cold day I would suggest our Mermaid Pale Ale, so far, this winter it has been our biggest seller, if it is going to be a hot day our Helles Lager is a winner.

Q: Most girls (like me!) are still a bit weary of more bitter beers, do you make something on the lighter side for us too?

A: Our Leichtes Weizen is a great easy drinking beer and at 2.5% ABV it is a great beer if you want to have a drink and still drive. A light beer is a difficult beer to produce as you want to have low alcohol and still keep the flavor and body, this beer does that. From my experience girls are enjoying beer from across the range, so I would say go big and get someone to drive you home.

Q: In such a crowded industry of micro-breweries, what have you done to ensure you stand out from the rest?

A: We started with some really cool branding and then worked on our beers to produce beers of a high quality. We also concentrate on getting people to the brewery so that they can see what we are all about.

Q: Can people purchase your beer anywhere else that at the brewery?

A: As I have mentioned earlier we concentrate mainly on the Boland area so look out for us in your local restaurants but hey, the freshest beers are always found at the breweries.

Q: Are there other breweries at the festival that you would like to try out?

A: Sure, if there is time, all of them. It is always great to taste what other treats people are brewing up. The brewing industry is a big family and after the show I am sure we will all mingle and exchange brews and ideas.

Q: For the true craft fanatics out there, would you suggest they try brewing their own batch at home or should we leave it up to the pros?

A: How do you know that you are not going to turn out to be a pro if you don’t give it a bash? I am all for home brewing and we even have a home brew shop at the brewery. Some of the home brewers bring us a bottle or two of their brews and I have tasted some really good stuff.

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