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For months I have been obsessed with this group from the humble town of Stellenbosch, and I recently had the pleasure of watching them live. Little did I know what a phenomenon was awaiting me...

They bring a unique folk/rock mix to the table that is suported by incredible lyrics that expolre themes of life and love in a manner far beyond their years. All of this is well complimented by electric and honest performance.

We are all well aware of the synchronized chants of "fokof,fokof,fokof" before a Fokofpolisiekar show but this time around the crowd spontaneously started singing one of the band's biggest flawlessly, long before the band even hit the stage!

I am astonished to see the unbelievable support the guys enjoy country wide despite their relatively low radio play and the fact that they rarely play live.

Here is some of the feedback from fans and first time attendees:

“This crowd is so weird. They look like they should be listening to Snotkop. But instead they are listening to real music. Same amount of syllables, just better music.”

"Louise, for the first time you where right when you said "this band is going

to change your life" " "This reminds me of old Heuwels, just better."

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