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The beloved folk band from Cape Town, Sons of Settlers, have announced that they are leaving our shores in March this year to pursue their dream of a music filled life in Germany.

They are re-mastering their debut album in America, Lullabies for the Restless, for its European debut in September. The band released their first single from this upcoming release, Stay Together, as a free download at the end of last year.

The Final Show

Fresh from The Playing for Change tour with their friends from Berlin, Riders Connection, they will play their final show together in South Africa at The Blah Blah Bar, in Cape Town, on Friday, 30th of January. This show will also serve as the official good bye concert for Sons of Settlers.


Date: Friday, 30 January

Venue: Blah Blah Bar

Address: 84 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Contact: 082 349 8849

Come see why 250 people jammed so hard to the music that they nearly fell through a wooden deck during Riders Connection and Sons of Settlers’ New Year’s Eve show in Nature’s Valley.

Gerdus Oosthuizen and Le-Roi Nel from Sons of Settlers are busy recording Riders Connection’s first full length album before they return home to Germany in February.

You can listen to Riders Connection’s EP, Natural Sound System here

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