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New Music. A New Collective.

The last 18 months have seen SHORTSTRAW riding the waves of the success of their latest album, Youthless (iTunes #1, SAMA Nominated). Never ones to ease up, they’ve consistently been working on a new collection of songs since then and are now ready to start showing this exciting new material to the world.

Always ones to do something a little different, instead of a conventional release where one gets everything upfront, starting from September, the band have boldly chosen to rather release one song on the first Friday of every month until the end of the collection. This unique move is aimed at giving each song its time to shine.

“We wanted to put a strong focus on our songs this time. we’re writing and recording as we go, so we can release them as soon as we can and not wait for a whole album to be completed before people get a chance to hear them!”

In putting this focus on each song, the other exciting part of this collection is that each song will get its own artwork designed by a different visual artist or designer, and its own music video directed by the most passionate pitch. Everyone involved in this collection of music, artwork, and film, will form part of the collective ‘Those Meddling Kids’. Instead of just a small album liner note, the band will take every opportunity to profile, advertise, and celebrate all those involved.

“There are incredibly talented people out there, both locally and overseas that we have been lucky enough to work with, and want to work with. We didn’t just want it to be another job for them, we wanted them to be a part of something! We’re exciting about formalising a collective with them for the sole reason being that we can then share it with everyone who’s interested. Hopefully people like what they see and want to to work with them too.”

The debut single from the collection goes live on Friday 2 September!

As of right now, the music isn’t all finished, and the artists and filmmakers haven’t all been picked. The band is excited to still meet and work with those keen to join THOSE MEDDLING KIDS. To get involved, please email

For more information and to view the collective’s directory please visit:

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