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SHORTSTRAW has released the 6th single from their THOSE MEDDLING KIDSCollective, entitled BOO. BOO comes after the release of January’s single Bowsie and the launch of The Bowsie Foundation, for which Shortstraw successfully raised R15 000 by reaching 15 000 music video views in 15 days, courtesy of Montego Pet Nutrition. BOO is an atypical love song with a SHORTSTRAW twist. Al came up with the opening lines for BOO one night in 2015 when he was at home waiting for his girlfriend. They have a tradition of pointing out how badly most extras act in the background while watching movies, as well as obvious plot holes which come with the bad acting. The rest of the song he wrote after they had a stupid fight as a way of apologising to her, describing how their favourite thing to do is just to hang out and be goofy together. BOO is also the first obvious love song the band has ever done - it has a bit of sass and quirk with a hook to it that is synonymous to their style, and the band decided to align it with their February release.

THOSE MEDDLING KIDS - New Members: SAM NELL - DIRECTOR SAM NELL directed the video for BOO. Sam went to film school with Russ. She is currently working her way up in the film industry and the band thought she could be an interesting person to collaborate with. It was great to get a female’s view on the band, the song, and the video idea. Instead of any flash, she’s gone for an interesting play with masculinity, and how men have these tough exteriors they’re afraid to show people, while their fragility is in there, dying to get out. It has resulted in a video the band would have never made if it were up to them. It takes away from the cheesiness of the love song and adds to the quirkiness through a bunch of super hard dudes singing this super soft song. The video was shot over the course of one day at the UFC gym in Sandton with the wonderful Mayhem Bodybuilders.

ELIZABETH ANN BRADLEY - DESIGNER The band discovered Elizabeth Ann’s work through between10and5, and loved the innocence and quirkiness of her illustrations, and thought it would be a perfect match for the song. Buy BOO here on iTunes: Also one of the TMK squad, is NICK HAMMAN, longtime friend and supporter of SHORTSTRAW. Nick is the host of a morning show on 5FM, one of South Africa’s biggest commercial radio stations. He has very kindly given SHORTSTRAW some needle time on the first Friday of every month to debut and talk about each single as they are released. As their media partner, and good chommie who supports local music, he undoubtedly deserves to be a Meddling Kid. Listen to the latest SHORSTRAW single from the TMK Collective every first Friday of every month at 8h20AM on Nick Hamman’s show on 5FM. SHORTSTRAW is also proud to have all their music equipment provided and endorsed by TOMS. With branches around South Africa, these guys run a great ship, and help out with all Shortstraw’s instrument needs.

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