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SHORTSTRAW has released the fourth single from their new collective, THOSE MEDDLING KIDS. The song is entitled THAILAND and is released together with its individual artwork and music video, both done by new members of TMK. THAILAND’s opening guitar part had been bouncing around in SHORTSTRAW’s rehearsal room for ages and after months of jamming, THAILAND slowly came together. The moment Alastair started putting lyrics to it, the idea came of teaching people and being overseas as an idea for a song. From there it grew to being specifically about teaching in Asia, something many of the band’s friends have done. “Its got all the energy and fun we’ve come to love putting out there! Its got a nice big chorus, some subtle nuances, and the good ol’ trusted gang claps!” The band chose THAILAND for their next release, seeing as it feels like the perfect fit for December where everyone starts to head out on holiday, looking for a good time.

THOSE MEDDLING KIDS - New Members: RORY SHEIN AND DANIEL D$TYLES AMBER - DIRECTORS In the depths of the internet, lies the homemade treasure trove that is Magical Rory. Featuring Daniel D$tyles Amber armed with a camcorder and Rory Shein and his magical abilities, the videos revealing Rory’s magical powers wowed high school friend Alastair Thomas, and the 50 other people who watched the videos. In the years that passed, D$tyles and Rory formed comedy rock act Caution With the Devil with none other than Shortstraw’s Jake Rubinstein on the drums. With that came more YouTube gems for anyone who cares to go find them. D$tyles was also roped in by the band to just be his amazing self for their Couch Potato and Mo Money videos. All the while, the memory of Magical Rory lay dormant. One night, for some reason, they all ended up showing each other old music videos of our previous bands. We soon found ourselves at the Holy Grail and all relived the wonder that always will be Magical Rory. “From there, we knew we had to reunite the two, at least for one last magic show! So we got together one afternoon and made the video in what we wanted to be the exact same way they would have done it back in high school.” The video was shot in a day in Thailand, aka Cyrildene and a few Asian restaurants across Joburg. Fans can expect something really silly. The band just wanted to have some fun on this one. “We’re so proud of all the videos we have created thus far in Those Meddling Kids, and this one is no exception. Just like the whole project itself, we just wanted to do something different, and something we found funny or amazing, or exciting. So we hope everyone finds it as funny as we do, and possibly even go YouTubing the old Magical Rory videos.”

DILLON HARLAND - ARTWORK Dillon is an exciting illustrator and designer based in Johannesburg. Dillon designed the cover for THAILAND. He got the band’s attention when they saw that he was giving away high versions of his work if you donate to burn charity, Children of Fire. SHORTSTRAW has made a donation to the charity for the use of this work. Also one of the TMK squad, is NICK HAMMAN, longtime friend and supporter of SHORTSTRAW. Nick is the host of a morning show on 5FM, one of South Africa’s biggest commercial radio stations. He has very kindly given SHORTSTRAW some needle time on the first Friday of every month to debut and talk about each single as they are released. As their media partner, and good chommie who supports local music, he undoubtedly deserves to be a Meddling Kid. Listen to the latest SHORSTRAW single from the TMK Collective every first Friday of every month at 8h20AM on Nick Hamman’s show on 5FM. SHORTSTRAW is also proud to have all their music equipment provided and endorsed by TOMS. With branches around South Africa, these guys run a great ship, and help out with all Shortstraw’s instrument needs.

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