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Since the infamous “Geldwolf” incident, there has been little to no news on former Heuwels Fantasties drummer, Philip Erasmus. Beeld finally caught up with him and Philip is seemingly a new man as he now spends his time with the Shofar church group in Bellville.

Shofar recently released a video of Erasmus as part of their “Shofar Stories” series. In the video Philip, now sporting short hair and a neat button-up shirt, explains his admiration for Fokofpolisiekar when he was still young. “Why can’t Christians be this honest?” he admittedly asked. “I made exactly the same amount of noise for Jesus as I made for Francois van Coke.” In the video he also explains how he felt that the only way he could be accepted was to turn his back on the church.

He continues to explain how the entertainment world “spat [him] out when [he] had nothing left to give.” Philip later sought help of specialists and was diagnosed with manic depression. He ends off by explaining how he is now “filled again”.

I admire him for taking this deeply personal journey and amidst all the chaos it seems he is finally happy.

It is no secret that the world of rock and roll is not for the faint of heart but I must also add: no one who has ever seen their own demise due to this “world of chaos” has been forced into it… Rock ‘n roll saves just as it can damn and I disagree that a whole lifestyle must be singled out for one individual’s downfall.

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