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While touring it up in Australia, South Africa’s most exciting rap crew, PHFAT, paused for a minute to release a humdinger of a single. Panic at Cluster B premiered on the global music blog, Indie Shuffle, on Mondayafternoon.

“It's a hard-hitting hip-hop track that fuses South African sounds (a la Die Antwoord) with powerful instrumentation. The net result goes so far as to slap listeners in the face, as if to say "HEY! WE'RE PHFAT! STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND LISTEN TO THIS!"

-Jason Grishkoff from Indie Shuffle

In keeping with PHFAT’s custom, this single is free. Get it here.

PHFAT’s latest critically acclaimed releases, Lights Out and If He Can’t Dance, both featuring, JungFreud, weredownloaded in copious numbers. The addition of Panic at Cluster B sets the tone for this crew’s vision for their upcoming album, due for release later this year.

A letter from PHFAT:

Hello Friendlings,

Your old pals, PHFFFFFF here. We’re currently roughing it through Australia playing everything from sit down gigs at pubs, to sh*t club gigs, to rad club gigs and rad festival stages. We’re currently quite chuffed with ourselves, because before we left, we decided to finish a dope new track.

That’s quite a lot of foresight for a bunch of punks like us, hey?

The track is called “Panic at Cluster B”.

Mike had this to say about the new track:

“It’s a little bit of a detour musically from our last couple tracks, but we decided it was time to kind of scramble our own brains quickly; just to remind ourselves that we can still make music that people wanna mosh to and that almost certainly won’t get onto radio.

It’s also good to make sure that all of the cool sharp edges in your music still exist, because music without any little rough edges is safe and safe music is disposable and boring.

Anything that is too safe is actually a little bit boring, don’t you think?

In Australia nobody jaywalks and it is difficult to die in traffic. Someone called me crazy the other day because I took off my seatbelt to parallel-park. I think that’s why people are so good at scary sports here. Just yesterday I saw a dude leaning into the wind off the edge of a cliff, jumping up and down screaming weird sh*t for no apparent reason and I thought “I bet he keeps his seatbelt on when he parallel parks.”“

Narch enjoys the lead that comes in after the chorus.

Like always, the track is available for free download but it’s also available on iTunes for people who want to buy it. So GRAB THAT SHEEEE and BUMP IT LOUD SO THE NEIGHBOURS ASK WHERE THEY CAN GET IT TOO!

Stay not boring!


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