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An eight year old child is a pretty grown up being. It can converse, walk, make decisions and even hand out opinions and back chat. I bet you know where I’m heading with this. Park Acoustics just had a massive bash to celebrate their eighth year of existence, and this child is definitely not a baby anymore.

It’s a massive achievement to run a monthly festival with top-class acts year in and year out for eight years running. Many people have made Park Acoustics a set monthly event on their calendars and come hell or high water, they are there in full force every month. This regular crowd is part of the reason why the festival is so successful – the festival has established a loyal following of dedicated music lovers.

Photos: Stanley June

This birthday event just proved again why Park Acoustics is so loved and adored. Being known for their great selection of diverse acts, this one was no exception. The Sextons, Late Night Fox, The Tazers, Black Cat Bones, Fokofpolisiekar and MoeJoe dominated the band stage with their respective distinctive brilliance.

I’m pretty sure you know why most people were there though. Yup, to see local rock legends Fokofpolisiekar live in action. Having recently broken records with their crowdfunding project for their upcoming album, it was almost as if they had a refreshed energy. They wanted to please the crowd with every fibre of their being. The crowd went wild and the show was everything we hoped for and more. There were laughs, tears, screams and head banging. And oh boy, there was joy! Every single person in the crowd had that moment of realization that these guys have touched our lives in one way or another and are icons, inspirations and heroes.

A huge congratulations to Henk and his entire team and crew on this amazing milestone. We salute you and wish you many more thriving festival years!

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