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Steyn Entertainment is proud to announce that Rocking the Daisies Music and Lifestyle Festival will be collaborating with OppiKoppi for the 2017 event, ahead of the festival’s 12 year anniversary.

This year, OppiKoppi will be taking place on the same weekend as #RTD2017 (5-8 October), with both festivals sharing their headlining acts.

The first OppiKoppi event took place in May 1994, and the festival has since cemented itself as the legendary go-to rock event to kick off the summer season. 2017 will be the Oppi’s 23rd instalment, featuring 7 stages, roughly 160 sets of music and entertainment, 20 000 rabid fans and a few roving pieces of craziness.

It’s the first time in the history of SA where two promoters will work together on this scale, to create explosive experiences, regardless of which event fans choose to attend. The combined attendance at both festivals is expcted to reach 45 000, as fans decend on Darling and Northam for two of SA’s biggest music and lifestyle festivals.

Oppikoppi added their much anticipated theme announcement to this morning's exitement. "Me now, the mango picker."

"Inspired by a strangely beautiful tune by Carlo Mombelli, bass jazz maestro who many people claim are one of the world’s finest. (We have been saying that for years.). And then on to the art: Pretty ne? Keeping up the gruff rock inspired festival’s support for the fine arts, this year we chose Banele Khoza. A painting to launch a ship with. Or of course a sun-drenched rock festival."

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