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Oppikoppi has never been a simple concept to grasp. It is a vicious melting pot of various spirits and harsh elements that combine to create a one of a kind atmosphere altering experience.

A is for Anton Goosen and a most memorable performance… A highlight from the set was certainly the abundance of stories from the heyday of his music.

B is for Bare asses in the dust. The naked run is never to be missed!

C is for Creativity… Koppi never ceases to amaze when it comes to over the top décor and interactive designs.

D is for nothing other than DUST,DUST,DUST. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…

E is for Eating contest… Just one of the many random thing you come across around every corner.

F is for Francois van Coke and Karen Zoid… And Karen Zoid and Francois van Coke…. Any way around it is simply magical… Three words: Black Sabbath Cover

G is for the Gypsies that took over the show. Gogol Bordello winning hearts left and right!

H is for Hippies always keeping things interesting…

I is for Injuries, nr.1 being Chris van der Walt pulling a David Grohl.

J is for Jokesters… The introduction of the stand-up comedy stage was a welcome addition to the festival line-up and had crowds in stiches from sun rise to sunset.

K is for Kobus on a Kombi…

L is for Lazy prawns that take cover in one of 4 tent hotels.

M is for a Marching band that keeps the party going.

N is for Nomadic Orchestra winning Oppikoppi.

O is for OPPI…..KOPPI!! Every second of every day…

P is for Poetry when you need some food for the soul.

Q is for everything from quesadillas to quiche as the kopi food court has something for everyone!

R is for Running from stage to stage… Many will agree the Sunday line-up was jam packed with must see acts…

S is for Selfie sticks… It’s not lame if you get it for free!

T is for Ten kilograms of penis shaped confetti to celebrate 10 years of Tweak rock. They might have been only a little more than a punk rock cover band but they made us dance like it was 2004 and that is all that matters!

Photo by Henry Engelbrecht

U is for Under the counter shooters when the available tequila just won’t cut it…

V is for views second to none…

W is for Why does Matthew Mole still think the same set is good enough? Playing 0.5 BPM faster does not constitute as “change”.

X is for new eXperiences…

Y is for Young bands that had people in awe each day…Crimson House was my winner...

Z is for the white Zulu, Johnny Clegg that brought tears to our eyes…

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