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Today sees the official release of a brand new single and video from 90's SA Pop-Punk Sensation TWEAK, entitled BRUCE LEE.

Earlier in the year the band made an audaciously bold claim on Facebook: In less than a month they would write and release "the greatest pop-punk track in the history of music ever!" When asked if he thinks the band achieved that goal, lead singer Garth Barnes quips "oh no, the new single is much, much better than that!" TWEAK describes their latest offering as absolutely ridiculous and they love it! “The new track is either straight-up Mozart-level genius, or the biggest piece of garbage to hit the airwaves this decade! Either way, it’s tons of fun and you’ll be left wondering ‘WTF did I just listen to?’” BRUCE LEE is released alongside an appropriately ridiculous (and hilarious) lyric video featuring footage sourced from your favorite old-school karate-hero movies. “Bugsy was like ‘I got an idea for a video that’s cheap and easy’, and I said: ‘Oh like your mom?’ Then I realised we share a mom and I took back the remark. Bugs edited the visuals together and then we dragged in our buddy Jean Lombard to add the finishing touches. The result is something truly special!”recants Garth.

TWEAK will be taking to the stage later this year for what they claim will be a landmark tour in South African music history. The tour is fittingly called “The Acockolypse” and will see the band playing alongside legends such as international rockers Alien Ant Farm and South African legends Fokofpolisiekar. “One of the best things about Tweak is that it is all about having a laugh and ruffling a few feathers. There will be a lot of both on this tour!” says all- grown-up Bugsy with a smile.

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