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The current face of the alternative Afrikaans music movement, Spoegwolf, has fans anxiously awaiting their third studio album. To subdue the adoring fans' ravenous hunger for new music the group has put us all at ease with a brand new music video, "Noorde".

Understated allure is enhanced by flawless cinematography that effortlessly intertwines with the first taste we get from the upcoming album, "Die Donker Toring".

The group have become synonymous with epic ballads and big sounds. "Noorde" is one of their more understated tracks but avid listeners know tis is simply the calm before the storm.

The album is set to embody the versatile sound that the band is known for, while the lyrical themes have progressed into fresher, more mature territory.

Spoegwolf’s “Die Donker Toring” is an immersive musical journey that will keep you warm this winter. Release date: 1 July 2017.

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