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TELLAMAN has released two brand new songs, namely NO SHARING and CREW LIT, with NO SHARING being his latest radio single, and the first offering from his new album, set for release later in 2018.


NO SHARING was written and produced in March 2018. The inspiration for the song came from a lot of different things whichTELLAMAN was going through, as well as what he was listening to at the time. As he was finishing the beat of the song, he received a text from a friend, and only after he finished the instrumental and recording, he realised he was talking about a text in the song. “If you love to dance, then this song is what you need on your playlist. I’m all about positive vibes as my fans know, so you can expect a lot of love and good energy. It's definitely something you haven't heard in African music.”


CREW LIT was written by TELLAMAN just when he thought he was done with his new album. He was sent the instrumental of the song by producer duo Noble (Bubele Booi & David Balshaw), and immediately knew that it would be a single for the new album. “CREW LIT is a party song. It talks about how lit myself and my friend or crew or gang are. Basically I have never seen people who can party like my crew and who are as cool as my crew. But I guess that's how everyone feel about their friends, or I hope they do!” If you are open minded and always looking for interesting and cool things, then TELLAMAN’s new releases are definitely for you. Describing the single as youthful, TELLAMAN continues to bridge the gap between different styles of music combining the normal lines one would expect from a rapper with melodies from a R&B singer. “My new material is different from my previous mixtapes and EP; lyrically and musically it shows more growth. For this project I have gone the extra mile in terms of the quality of the sound; the way I programmed, wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered is completely different. I have grown as a musician and a human being. I have learnt from my previous mistakes and I am confident that my fans will hear that in the music.”

TELLAMAN also recently signed to Universal Music South Africa: “I am excited to see what we'll do together. The whole team has shown me nothing but love and support and they allow me to express myself the way I want to. I believe we'll do amazing things together.”

TELLAMAN’s brand new album, ‘GOD DECIDES’ is set for release later in 2018.

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