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THE LECTRIC MONKS have released a brand new single entitled NEW MAN. The single is the first offering from their brand new EP, THE SIX which is set for release in March 2018. LOADING... TRANSMISSION RECEIVED! OUTPUTING PERMISSION REQUEST: 'NEW MAN': source (Gamma 13 - XA43)_ Origin: 2015... Partial fragments___ : 2018... Approval… received from Lectric Order NEW MAN was written around 2 years ago with little more than a bass melody and a child-like sense of wonderment. Although the core of the song was there, it took a jam session with THE MONKS a year ago to reveal the true magic and from there, it developed into one of the band's favourites. THE MONKS are always inspired by their context and social environments, and was thus inspired by the transcendental surf music they were listening to at that time. “NEW MAN is about self-discovery in one’s life; a new perspective leads to a new lease on life.” The celestial love child of psychedelic and groove rock, NEW MAN offers another taste of the diversity of THE LECTRIC MONKS. For the band, every song is different in its own way - genre is meaningless in the cosmos, so they focus on the groove and energy of each song.

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