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Mavis vermaak has released the first singe form her up and coming solo album, Cape Town. The track is right on par with current trends in electro music and truly captures the essance of Table Mountain's majesty.

“This year I moved from Woodstock to the City Bowl,” says Vermaak. “I also signed up for a course in electronic music production. This track, created at the foot of Table Mountain, is one of the first results.”

The track was mixed by Fletcher Beadon and the cover design is by Laurissa Vergottini.

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Mavis Vermaak's full-length solo album, Cape Town, is set for release in June 2014.

Mavis is also an exeptional artist and her first solo visual exhibition, Lairs of Being, opens at Black Box Gallery on 25 April.

The Cape Town-based artist explores aspects of femininity, duality and a multi-layered existence from a distinctly female perspective. Her visual language comprises mostly portraits, employing a number of original mixed-media techniques, lending an other-worldly quality to her work.

“I experimented with various techniques to generate a randomness to the emotive quality of the work. I tried to convey both the fragility and power of human emotion”, says Vermaak.

At the opening, Mavis will give a solo music performance, performing material from her upcoming electronic album, Cape Town, for the first time.

The exhibition opens at Black Box Gallery, 54 Church Street, Cape Town on Friday 25 April and closes on 6 May 2014.

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