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Genko unveils ‘Darkside’ as the first single to be released independently on their own label. The catchy Dance track is out now across all digital platforms, so find your favourite store HERE.

Genko are a creation fuelled by brothers Josh and Gabe, who thrive on an absolute passion and understanding of the sound they so tirelessly dream up and give life to. Genko have developed a formula of hard hitting bass drums, harmonic vocals and powerful melodies that all come together to form a sound that will send you on an emotional journey and ignite your senses along the way.

The Joburg-based duo wrote, recorded and produced the single in Jozi and brought in an amazing singer from Norway on vocals. Both production and vocals worked so well together that Josh and Gabe felt they discovered a sound, which they believe, represents the Genko brand best.

What is ‘Darkside’ about? “There’s no real way to describe what this track is about and that’s what we love about it. Every single listener can interpret the words and the music in their own way and for us that’s amazing as this makes our brand and this track, really relatable,”comments Gabe.

Releasing music independently can be daunting, but Genko are excited and are encouraging others to follow suit. “Producers shouldn’t be scared to go on their own. Times have changed with social media platforms and producers don’t need the big labels as a machine running behind them. These days Its really easy to get your stuff out there to the right audience and we are fortunate enough to have put together a really great team of people who are helping us get our tracks out there and into the ears of the right people. All in all, we just want to be an inspiration to all up and coming producers in the South African music industry and abroad. We’re really excited for what the future holds for us in this industry and were excited to take all of our listeners on this journey with us.”

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