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Today sees the official release of a collaboration between JUSTIN SERRAO and

CRASHCARBURN for their new single, WINDING ROAD.

WINDING ROAD was written around two years ago by JUSTIN when he found himself disillusioned by the music industry and people’s plastic relationships. JUSTIN supported CRASHCARBURN on their last two December tours, and WINDING ROAD always caught their attention. CCB kept asking him to record it, and he agreed to record it if they did it with him. The result: A unique, classic road-tripping song with a few spoons of nostalgia, a dollop of country and a healthy sprinkle of punk rock ’n roll for seasoning, appealing to both rock and country fans.

‘We love the track and are so excited to share it with everyone. Not only do we think it’s a great song for existing CCB and Serrao fans, but for us personally, it has all those fun tour memories attached to it. I think people will be able to hear that coming through when they listen to the track. Anyone will be able to relate to Winding Road. The song can be your own story. Especially the part when we sing about being ten years old. We all had dreams and ambitions when we were kids, how many of us managed to hold on to those?” - Garth Barnes. Working together for the two acts, came naturally. CCB describes JUSTIN as a great talent and a ferociously hard worker, whilst JUSTIN in return describes the experience as a proud moment to work with these legends. It only took them a few short practices to finish writing the song and just a day to record it. “For me it’s often those songs that seem to write themselves, that fall into place so easily, that are the best. This is one of those special tracks.” says Garth.

The video for WINDING ROAD is a classic band performance setup and was shot in 4 hours in one evening. A simple recipe featuring high energy and lots of fun reflected in the video. “The track is literally about being in a band and the lyrics describe following a long road back to your roots. I think that's why the straight up performance video fits so beautifully. It's not in anyway pretentious. It's a bunch a friends in a room, having a good time being in a band… which is pretty much how the song was born in the first place.” - Brendan Barnes.

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