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Today sees the official release of a brand new video by SHORTSTRAW for their single, OMG. The band wanted to do something different, with regards to a concept for the video, to reflect the energy captured in OMG. Together with choreographer, Alice Kok, they came up with the concept featuring choreographed dancing. Shot and directed by the band themselves, the video took a fair bit of planning and rehearsing between the dancers, Alice Kok and Liam Anthony. After a few test shoots and rehearsals, the video was filmed over the course of an Autumn afternoon in Johannesburg. “The song is about the ups and downs of a relationship; how it can go great one day, and then be really tough the next. In the video you see the couple move through these emotions. But for the most part, it's just a fun song about love, and this comes across in the energy and emotion of the dancers.”

“It’s a happy and energetic video for one of our favourite songs on the album. Only on few occasions have we done a stylised concept video and this song certainly warranted us upping our game with a solid concept. It’s one we are really proud of!”

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