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Class rock act, STOKER, released their self-titled debut album on iTunes on Thursday, 26 January 2017. And now they’ve come to back it up with the music video of their first single from the album, Forever Drive. For those who haven’t met Stoker, this performance video serves as a visual introduction to the band.

The black and white smoky imagery serves to underline the lyrics. “The song’s plot deals with my inner dialogue, the arguments and statements going back and forth. The look of the video accentuates this by giving the video an eerie feel, even though the melodies and vibe isn’t necessarily dark,” says Chris Bornman, Stoker’s lead vocalist and guitarist.

Excerpt from Forever Drive lyrics:

My life as a politician, wouldn't change a thing

This price that we pay is it worth it? Who's going to lead the way?

Does it make your culture grow? Have you found your angels? Why's it always blood you see? Don't play with a wounded soldier, I'm not here to watch you play your game.

You let it slip away from you, It's just like you man. Driving all the way, to save the day, I’m not like you man.

Forever Drive was filmed by Dayne Malan who also made Stoker’s music video for Evil Shaker.

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