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ISO frontman, Richard Brokensha, has made a big move to Cape Town in the recent year and with this comes a whole new bag of inspiration for his solo endeavours.

Hence, "Paradise".

The video, directed by The Image Engineer, features a mashup of different shooting styles and looks all trying to reflect the different aspects of Brokensha's journey. Exquisite time lapses, a lengthy coastal drive in a BMW and the company of his wife Zelda all blend together to depict his version of paradise.

The track is a production heavy attempt to distinguish himself as a solo artist within the industry. The track is still heavily influenced by ISO's previous album, "Passages". Albeit repetitive lyrics and synth heavy it still makes for enjoyable music. Richard's vocal abilities remain unequaled.

This release comes just as ISO are about to release their newest album: "Polydimention".

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