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Today sees the official release of the NOMADIC ORCHESTRA’s first music video for their song, MONDAYS. The video was produced by Andover Pictures, directed by Daniel Marcos and shot by Caleb Heymann. It was shot on a small farm on the West Coast two hours out of Cape Town. The shoot took around two days, and a further two months for editing and special effects. The video features a small group of friends who leave their everyday lives behind to go into the wild. In an intense search of sonic enlightenment, some ridiculously good looking pilgrims take part in a (ridiculously serious) ritual with supernatural consequence.

“We decided on making a video for Mondays because it incorporates many different sections with different feels, which we've always felt is a good example of our versatility and love for blending genres. Near the end of the song things also get epic with a transition from drum and bass to ska, which we felt is something unique about the band that people would respond well to and could fit visuals well.” Seeing as the song moves from a very subdued, textured and soft feel to one of chaotic energy, the footage in the video also starts off slow paced and gradually comes to a climactic finish. Making a relatable video was not the goal of the band, but rather to confuse and then excite the audience, especially for those who don't know the band yet. Fans can look forward to beautiful people, beautiful scenery and some nearly nude tubby dudes to make you feel better about yourself. “We were very nervous about making our first video, as it is such an important part of being a band these days. We also chose to give most of the work over to the film crew so that we would not spoil the vision with our music brains. We're happy with this being our first offering and was over all a smooth process. If the video drives new people to the world of instrumental dance music, we've done a good job.”

Watch the music video HERE

NOMADIC ORCHESTRA Tour Dates: Be sure to catch the NOMADIC ORCHESTRA this week in a city near you: 11th June / Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein 12th June / Arcade Empire, Potchefstroom 13th June / Arcade Empire, Pretoria 14th June / Capital Craft Beer Festival, Pretoria 15th June / Kitcheners, Johannesburg

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