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Cape Town’s bilingual pop-synth duo, MYMYMY release their first music video for their latest single ‘Net Musiek’, off their debut EP ‘ONS S'N IS BETER’ today. Shortly after their Cape Town launch this month, members Conrad and Jana just seem to keep celebrating and busking in the success that their music has achieved so far. They’re latest release is also set to make its television premiere on KykNET NOU!.

Their approach with their debut EP and this video was clever, striking simplicity. Jana grips viewers with her piercing eyes and effortless, natural performance style in front of the camera. The scenes switch between Jana and old victorian style oil canvases getting a fresh coat of pastel coloured paint, creating this sort of hypnotising effect that sucks the viewers in and holds them, eyes glued to the screen. Their tongue-in-cheek lyrics add to their ability to captivate their audience and present things in an entirely new light.

Filming, directing and editing has all been skillfully done by talented fashion photographer and videographer, Marike Herselman in Cape Town.

Their latest single release to radio, ‘MeMeMe’ can be heard on 2 Oceans Vibe Radio, Rhodes Music Radio, Radio Laeveld, Mix FM, River FM, One FM and Kosmos Stereo among others.

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