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Today sees the official release of BOUWER BOSCH’s new music video for his latest offering, OORGELOOP. The video, a Bouwer Bosch Films production, was recently shot in Pretoria in one day and also features South African actress, Leandie Du Randt.

BOUWER wrote the song in January 2014 after returning from a solo road trip holiday. He drove more than 4000 kilometers, in which he found inspiration and many stories to tell. He wrote the song in a total of 30 minutes and wanted to create a story which takes the listener back to his / her first love, albeit only for a brief moment in time.

OORGELOOP is also the first song showing BOUWER moving into the folk genre with his songwriting. “My plan was not to write something that will play on radio necessarily, I just wanted to write an honest song that makes you miss someone you had in your life before. Lyrically it’s definitely a bit deeper than some of the previous songs I’ve done. I guess it’s a different season for me and being honest and open outweighs trying to be catchy.”

BOUWER describes the video for OORGELOOP as an Afrikaans Grey’s Anatomy episode and definitely his favourite video he has done so far. It toys with the viewer’s emotions because the storyline is sad, whilst the song itself is not sad at all. It is a story about loving and losing someone. He pushed himself creatively and at first he didn’t think he could pull the storyline off, but the end result adequately resembles what he had in mind for the video.

“I wanted to tell a story where people would experience what it must feel like to lose someone you love, and just being grateful for the people in your life and start to live more in the present day. Time is so precious and our lives are so short - we often take it for granted.”

The main message OORGELOOP portrays, is the fact that breakups and heartaches are all part of life. Sometimes we just need to sit and sing through them.

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