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MONARK has released the music video for their latest single, BROKEN - the first single from their new self-titled album set for release on 9 June 2017. The video was directed and shot by Warren Le Grange at Studio 9 in Johannesburg, a longtime friend of the band and a natural choice to bring out the characters in the band members. The video features frontman Eugene as a 'mad scientist’ character who already has some screws loose, when a girl chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles pushes him over the edge. From then on, he just starts breaking things: a pimp's champagne bottle, punching people in the face, cocktail glasses, The Stig, pinatas, a TV etc. The breaking and smashing are filmed at a very high frame rate, which means slow motion play back, making for great shots of everything breaking.

“We wanted to show the light-hearted side of Monark. Broken is a fun song and it's a fun music video. For a change there aren't layered meanings - at least not overtly, and so the video portrays 'Broken' in the most literal sense. Going a little deeper, we've broken the 'Monark' mold to a degree, and the video is a change from all previous videos.” - Graeme Wuth, Fans can look forward to see a less serious side of MONARK, with plenty of laughs and bright colours whilst having a good time. The music video for BROKEN introduces a fresh new side to the band’s upcoming new album.

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