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Filmmaker, Joff, invites the viewer to surrender where they might usually try and make sense in the new music video for Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys second single, ‘Black Spot’. The film was shot in Port Elizabeth, with a team of local artists, who transformed an old warehouse into a surreal and infinite space that would become home to a cast of necessary creatures.

‘Black Spot' explores that part of ourselves that we often ignore. The room in the house that we carefully open to squeeze something in, then quickly shut again so that it doesn’t all come tumbling out. We breathe a sigh of relief and promise to sort it out soon. Perhaps we can forget for a while. How many ways are there to distract yourself? From these precious, terrible things that we cannot look at but cannot bring ourselves to discard. The room becomes too full. Whatever is inside begins to knock in the night, disturbing our determined peace. The sound begins to play through our conversations, scoring our dreams, seeping into our baths. We will bravely open the door. Or our beloved barricade will rupture and expose something intricate and confusing and ugly and illuminating and electric and where did my lungs go and where did all this breath come from that washes over us, through us, in and around and we have come home and will we go back and did we ever leave an open door to a quiet room that is just the same and entirely changed.

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