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Justin Serrao released ‘Are You Lonely’ last month as the first single from his brand new EP ‘One Year Warning’ which is out today. Kick your weekend off with 4 incredible singles and stream or download Justin Serrao’s brand new EP ‘One Year Warning’ now from

Watch Justin Serrao’s music video for ‘Are You Lonely’ here:

Serrao started recording the EP back in November 2017 at High Seas Studios with Jacques Du Plessis and Gavin Flaks, and is beyond excited for everyone to hear what’s been created. Listening to the songs and asking what that the idea behind the 4-track EP was, Serrao answers “The songs are a part of my life and I guess, the 4 seasons throughout the year. My experiences over the past year. From falling in love to ending the year with a broken heart, there’s so much in each song that are just hints of the whole story. I called it ‘One Year Warning’ because of the lessons I learnt in the past year. I guess you could call it a warning.”

‘One Year Warning’ is made up of 4 incredible tracks, which includes unheard singles ‘Hard Time Loving’ – an upbeat feel-good country single, ‘I'm Not There’ – a catchy foot tapping country/rock track, and ‘Walk Away’ – the slow acoustic love-song outro to a brilliant EP.

Once fans have given the EP a listen, what does Serrao hope they take from it? “For the fans I really hope they love it. It’s been 2 years since my last release and I’m sure they’re gonna love the songs. It’s close to the heart and I think that’s what they wanna hear.”

Justin Serrao’s brand new EP ‘One Year Warning’ is out now across all digital platforms -

‘One Year Warning’ Track Listing:

  1. Are You Lonely

  2. Hard Time Loving

  3. I'm Not There

  4. Walk Away

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